Some firsts….

I’m always looking for great spots to run, and as my distance increases so does my interest in running in new places.  I use to put limits on them, like: FLAT ONLY.  In my ripe old age I’m learning to just embrace each run and learn a bit more about myself.

Yesterday I ran 9 miles on the Fort Fraser Trail.



I hated this trail because it was NOT flat…lol. Anyone who has followed me knows I hate hills…lol. But I actually loved every step because these were posted on every other post…

FullSizeRender (2)

There were these fabulous random quotes from Dr. Seuss to Native American Prayers…  but it was inspiring every step of the way….. and some how I managed to bang out… this


It’s by no means a PR… but its a win.


Tonight’s work out called for 8X800’s…. all I could think is yeah freaking right. If I could lift up the weird cement track and hide under it, I would have.. but I’m glad I did not….My coach said, “let’s do 6 at 3:20 pace”…. I internally wanted to freak out. How do you tell someone, your wrong…?! Show them.









For running on an asphalt track… I have nothing but smiles tonight…. never would have thought I would make it through 8…


What did your work outs look like this weekend?




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