But… I have nothing to wear!

I am totally THAT girl, in race world and in the real world!  I love a great outfit! Whether it’s in the classroom, on date night or at my next race.  When I’m having my informal and formal observations at school, I always go buy a new dress because I say if you feel good than you will perform good, and running is no exception…. however, I’ve hit a slump in my running fashion… HELP, I have nothing to wear!


For as long as I can remember, I rocked this style running short.  All different colors and prints and to this day I have no real complaints about them.  They are comfy and they hide all of my imperfections. However, I don’t like to race in them and like any fashionista, I like to keep my options open. Which lead me to these….


Running Skirts! LOVE THESE! They are fun and flirty, they come in some great colors and different fits. My complaint about these is that the super cute ones that I really want are kind of out of my price range. Like this skirt featured above (which I do not own but adore), how cute would you feel rocking that baby at your next race? How could you not love it? Well, I’m a teacher and a mother of two and with that price tag I had to pass and the less expensive skirts don’t appeal to me due to lack of choices (a girl likes options!).

So that brought me to where I am today…. I have been noticing these all over the place….


I’m #obsessed with the look of these.  I’m not so much obsessed with the way they look on me, lol.  Listen, I once was a sprinter so I have thighs and up until lately I haven’t run much so they are no longer as solid as they once were. So as soon as I put them on, pre-activity, they look great! The minute I start to move…. not soooo much.

I was talking about them with my friend while in the running store and basically said, “I really want them to look good on me, but they just don’t…. not right now anyways”, and the guy (yes guy) helping us was like, “yeah, those are for girls with stick legs”.  Really?! I was kind of offended and it made me want to buy them and wear them even more, but now I’m even more self conscious.

So here we are…  I’m going to start hitting the racing seen and I have nothing to wear….What are some of your favorite things to run/race in? This fashionista is at a loss! HELP!






3 thoughts on “But… I have nothing to wear!

  1. Love those booty shorts! I have a few pairs of them and they feel good, but I do have some thighs so sometimes I don’t love how I look in them. My favorite short for racing? The speed short by Lululemon. However, I could use some tank suggestions because I don’t have many that I’m in love with!! I’m with you – if you look good, you perform well!!! Now go shopping 🙂

  2. I love the tight shorts under the loose shorts. I’ve heard the leggins at http://athleta.gap.com/ are amazing, although I’ve never tried them. My favorite thing to do is hit up a running store when a certain season is ending and get everything on sale & save for the beginning of next season. I bought a few running skirts at Target just as the summer was ending, so I still got to wear them a little, but have pretty much brand new stuff for this summer coming up!

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