Sea World to the Real World

I don’t think I have stopped moving since last Saturday… I have been promising the kids forever that we would go to Sea World and I made it a point that last Saturday would be the day….


I went when I was six and I have to say, I love it just as much than as I do now.  It’s sooo close to us I wish we could go every weekend.

Of course there was no running that day, but a ton of walking.  Which lead to Sunday’s long run.  I have to say, running over 9 miles alone is tough… running over 9 miles alone, on a Sunday evening after you walked around Sea World all of Saturday—-> PURE TORTURE!


Some how I managed to survive 11 painful miles in a pretty decent time and I treated myself to a lovely bath.

I’m clearly a glutton for punishment because Monday we had a track workout….WHY?!


We began with a half mile warm up, followed by 4X800 with a 200 meter jog in between each and 4X400 with 200 meter jog in between.

800 Goal Pace was 3:20

3:17, 3:19, 3:16, 3:15

Goal 400 Pace was 1:39

1:37, 1:35, 1:32, 1:23

Somehow, I’m still smiling! It must be because I’m running under the lights which is THE BEST!

My calf muscles wanted to leave my body. I tried to stretch afterwards and there was no such luck. So, I hobbled back to my car and came home and took another bath.

Tuesday I was suppose to do 4 miles.  I also promised Ella that I would take her for a run in the stroller. Again, what was I thinking?! Brady decided he wanted to ride his bike as well, so after about 2 miles and lots of crying from both kids, I threw in the towel.  I finished the last two miles on the treadmill at speed I don’t even remember or care to remember..

My Happy Place….even though my body hurt like hell!

At that point, I text my coach… My calves were on fire! I took Wednesday off and per my coaches request I threw on compression socks and hoped for the best.  My FL runner forgot about some of my NY runner tricks: Compression Socks were a brilliant idea and while my body was tired on Thursday, I managed to get 3 miles in.  It’s really more than I wanted to do…

As I sit here tonight I’m trying to mentally prepare for my long run tomorrow… I’m a Sunday long run girl but now that I have track workouts on Monday I may need to rethink that plan…. Happy Friday y’all!

What do you have planned for the weekend?!


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