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My name is Tantra and I have a small “obsession” with running and all things affiliated with it from competing, to the newest fashions to the latest gear.  My blog will encompass all these things plus trying to balance all of the other “obsessions” in my life like food,fashion, my family and friends, planning parties, work, travel and trying to stay sane…. hence why I run.

my little family
my little family

I’ve been a competitive runner since I was in 7th grade when I began Varsity Track  as a sprinter.  I ran anything from the 45m to the the 800 (on rare occasions), and had a lot of success in High School.  I received a Track Scholarship to Wagner College in Staten Island and that’s when my passion for distance running bloomed. I am by no means even close to being amazing but I will say my 7th grade self would not believe the distance runner I have become today!  Nothing is more freeing and relaxing than the sun beating on my face (on the rare occasion that happens in upstate NY) and my feet pounding against the pavement .  It’s just me and my amazing playlist rocking out on the open road.

In 2008 I attempted my first marathon and it was a HUGE disappointment.  My goal was to qualify for Boston and not only did I NOT qualify for Boston, I barely made it through the race.  I had trained so hard only to come down with the flu the week before. Instead of backing out of the race, I said I’m doing it and I WILL finish.  I threw up along the course multiple times and at many points the volunteers asked me if I wanted to step off of the course…. I kept saying “No, I’m going to finish”.  At one point it got so bad that a lady who happened to be a nurse stopped with me and had me lay down for a little bit… I know it sounds crazy, but yes I pressed on.  I DID finish 10lbs lighter and with a time of 5:12:49.  Disappointment was not the word… I was devastated.

So here I am again…now a wife, mommy, and professional,  training for my second full marathon.  I’m not going to lie, its been a bit of a nightmare living in the Northeast and trying to train! Snow on top of sub-zero temperatures on top of more snow! I swear winter is never going to end! But I have been training HARD and I’m going to do it.  I’m running the Long  Island Marathon on May 4th and  I’m hoping to inspire and be inspired by others.  It’s often hard to fit everything at the end of the day when you work and have a family and sometimes its nice to know that there are other people out there just like me, waiting for my children to go to sleep so I can go to the gym and squeeze in a work out without taking any family time away… I’m excited to run in May.  I’ve become a different runner since my first marathon and I hope that it will be reflected in my time.  Yes, Boston is my goal once again but I will say one thing… that will be my goal every marathon, half, 10k,  and 5k I do, it’s all about the BQ … GOALS KEEP DREAMS ALIVE.

ready to run.... always
ready to run…. always

My goal is to inspire and be inspired by others while connecting with others who have a passion for running.  I enjoy food although I am a terrible cook, baking (I know crazy because I’m such a terrible cook, but there is something special and enjoyable about baking that I don’t get with cooking… similar to the feeling of running compared to walking), traveling, going to the beach, fashion, spending time with my beautiful babies and watching them grow every day, inspiring my students, and spending time with my friends.  I’m an average girl just trying to fit it all in and if I get to run a marathon or two…. well, that’s just FABULOUS!

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