As of right now this is my race line up…

3.15.2014- Unlce Marty’s Kilt Run 5K  22:22 (2nd overall woman)

4.5.14 Staten Island 13.1 1:35:56 (2nd overall woman)

4.12.14-Schoharie 5K Run/ Walk 21:06 (2nd overall woman)

4.19.14-Cops and Joggers 5K 21:15 (1st Chica overall)

5.4.14 Long Island Half 1:34.50

5.17.14-Delmar Half Marathon 1:33:40 (PR, 3rd Chica overall/1st in age group)

5.25.14-Buffalo Marathon 3:23:25 (PR, 14th Chica overall/3rd in age group)

6.7.14 Lexington Run 21:34 (3rd Chica overall, 1st in age group)

6.15.14-Mule Haul 5 miler 34:39 (PR, 1st woman overall)

6.22.14-Adirondack 10 Mile Run

9.21.14-Saratoga Palio Race Half Marathon

10.12.14 Mohawk Hudson Marathon




7 thoughts on “Races

  1. How can you say you’re not fast or impressive (in your “About PLR”)!? If you’re coming in 1st, 2nd, 3rd…I think that’s pretty damn impressive girl. Own it =)

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